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We've been making new IP ‘JOODYSSEY',‘DANCING WITH JOODY' with best creative team in animation & television. In particular, Joodyssey is currently airing on Cartoon Network Korea after a KBS broadcast.


New interactive animation series ‘Joodyssey'. Take an exciting and fantastic fairy tale Odyssey with Joody.
In a small town lived a curious girl named ‘Joody’ who loved to read. While on her way to the library to read the next book, Joody helps a little girl in trouble and gets a magical clock ‘Turnwatch’. Meanwhile, Prince ‘Rody’ of the Lemon Kingdom and his friend ‘Moongchi’ arrive at the Raspberry Library to unseal the mysterious magic book, but meet a mysterious thief ‘Wolf’ who is aiming for the magic book, and the book is stolen. With Joody's help, she finds the magic book again, and Joody's turnwatch responds, opening the sealed magic book. Joody and her friends are sucked into the magic book and begin their adventure as the protagonists of the story of <Red Riding Hood>, but they run into danger when they meet Wolf, who has entered the magic book together.


Dancing with Joody 

When you dance, magic happens. Let's all dance with Joody.
Magical dance miracle, Dancing with Joody!
“Help me~!” Ask for help when you have a difficult and difficult situation, Joody and her friends dance in front of those in need. Dance with Joody and solve problems! Even the fun of learning various choreography for each dancer!

주디 포스터 가로포함_ 211011.png

Reading stories with Joody

Enjoy various fairy tales that Joody reads with beautiful illustrations

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